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    Kidzfun Music & Movement Classes


    New Classes for 2019 - Free Taster Session

    Time Table Music & Movement

    There are two different age ranges for the Music & Movement classes (Little'uns and Big'uns.)

    Kidzfun Music & Movement classes (Little'uns) are geared towards children who are just beginning to walk to aprox age 2 and a half years. In this group we all work together with live piano accompliment.

    We sing hello and naming songs. Do simple fun physical actions to a variety of rhythms and beats.

    We use brightly coloured equipment such as scarves, balls, hula hoops, cuddly toys and a parachute. The different exercises in the sessions are designed to encourage social skills such as sharing and manners.

    We count, name days, colours and animals, act out different emotions and generally have as much fun/action as possible in our 45 minutes together.

    We use shakers, colourful xylophones and drums when we make our own music. After each session we sit together in a circle and have a fruit snack.

    Music & Movement Sessions (agerange 2 1/2 - 4 yrs.)

    This group (Big'uns)is aimed at children aged 2 and a half to 4 years who are confident to be led by me while mum/dad/carer sits to the side and watches/relaxes. With children of this age we can start doing more challenging physical exercises such as skipping, balancing, hopping and running.

    The format of the sessions are more fluid and I will often go off on a tangent if a child/children show enthusiasm towards a particular theme. Children in this age group often come up with their own ideas and I will give them plenty of opportunities to express themselves vocally while encouraging listening and taking turns.

    Each week has a different emphasis for example animals, numbers, a circle dance or a particular character/s from a story. Young children generally enjoy acting out the characteristics of different animals such as snakes, monkeys, birds, buzzy bees, the list is as vast as the imagination.

    We sing well known childrens action songs and rhymes and every couple of weeks I will introduce a new song or game to build up our repertoire. We listen to tunes on the piano and work on recognising and interpreting the music. After each session we sit together in a circle and share a fruit snack.

    The class size will be limited to 12 for the younger groups and up to 15 for the older children.

    Our Preschool Groups:

    Music & Movement

    Time Table

    Place New Oriel Hall Larkhall

    (Parking available in New Oriel Hall carpark)
    Times 09.30am - 10.15am
    10.15am - 11.00am

    Costs £ 6.00 per child per session
    50p reduction per child if more than one child
    Block payment in advance (6 or 7 weeks)
    Cheques made payable to : Kidzfun.
    Jan 2019

    Feb 2019

    March 2019

    April 2019

    Singing and Music from the start

    We know that babies respond to music in the womb and that a mothers singing can steady the foetal heart rate and reduce kicking.

    Human beings are innately musical and often the first thing a parent will do is sing to their child.

    It is recognised now more than ever the impact music making has on the development of babies and preschool children particulary in language and social skills. Putting movement together with music and singing is healthy and fun.

    This knowledge that music and singing is good for the social, physical, physiological and educational development of children form the basis for the Mum+Me and Movers+Shakers sessions.

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